As a member of CEEPSA, I hereby agree to abide by the following Code of Conduct and Professional Ethics and acknowledge that disciplinary action may be taken against me in terms of the CEEPSA Disciplinary Action Policy Document should I fail to comply with the principles set out in this Code of Conduct and Professional Ethics. I hereby –

  1. Accept that the welfare, dignity, health and safety of the horse is paramount at all times.
  2. Commit to the fact that the well-being of the horse will take precedence over the needs and demands of clients, breeders, trainers, riders, owners, service providers, dealers, organisers, organizations, sponsors or officials and that this guiding principle will remain paramount in any action or decision making process.
  3. Accept that all handling and veterinary treatment of horses should ensure the health and well-being of the horse.
  4. Commit to promoting responsible breeding practices and to produce better horses, not just more horses.
  5. Accept that the highest standards of housing, nutrition, health, sanitation and safety of horses will be encouraged and maintained at all times.
  6. Accept that adequate provision should be made for ventilation, feeding, watering and maintaining a healthy environment for horses during transportation.
  7. Accept that emphasis should be placed on increasing education in training methods and in equestrian practices and on promoting scientific studies in equine health.
  8. Accept that the fitness and competence of the rider will be regarded as essential in the interest of the horse.
  9. Commit to responsible training techniques. All training should be done with the maturation and ability of the horse considered. Horses should not be prepared for competition without proper training and conditioning methods. Excessive disciplining methods, whether in stables, training areas, or during competition, will be cause for disciplinary action.
  10. Commit to CEEPSA ‘s mission to educate owners, trainers, veterinarians, competitors, exhibitors and recreational riders to ensure that they know and respect their horse’s abilities and limits, and their own, so as to not push the horse or themselves beyond their level of ability.
  11. Commit to CEEPSA‘s mission to ensure that the equine industry invests in the infrastructure, environment and facilities to provide a safe environment for all equines in all activities, whether breeding, competing, or simply riding. Any facilities that house horses should be committed to the appropriate care and treatment of all horses while in their facility, and should be designed with the environment and the intended use of the horse in mind.
  12. Commit to minimizing injuries to horses during training, competition, use, or work. Whenever possible injury data should be collected, documented and reported to the governing body of the competition or any other injury database for analysis in order to ensure a safer environment.
  13. Commit to CEEPSA ‘s mission for the continual review, evaluation and improvement of all rules, regulations, policies and practices in all equine activities, based on science (where indicated). When warranted, they should be refined or changed. This includes existing practices to ensure they are not being perceived as acceptable, particularly if new research has called them into question.
  14. Commit to CEEPSA ‘s mission for the providing of continuing education on all activities involving horses and eliminate inhumane practices as well as strengthening sanctions for non-compliance. Commit to CEEPSA ‘s mission for the providing of continuing education on all activities involving horses and eliminate inhumane practices as well as strengthening sanctions for non-compliance.
  15. Commit to CEEPSA‘s mission to the education of all people who own or work with horses to ensure they are knowledgeable in the proper husbandry, care, and handling of horses. Each horse should be observed frequently to ensure that they are healthy. In consultation with a veterinarian, all such individuals should develop a sound health care program, appropriate to the facilities, environment and needs of the horses.
  16. Undertake to never conduct myself at, or in relation to, any equestrian event, occasion, matter or facility in a manner which brings CEEPSA or the Equine and Equestrian industry into disrepute.
  17. Undertake to behave and conduct myself in a professional manner abiding by all South African laws and legislation governing my particular profession in the Equine and Equestrian Industry.
  18. Undertake to continue to educate and keep myself current with new policies and techniques in my particular profession in the Equine and Equestrian Industry.
  19. Embrace an ethos of honesty, integrity, credibility, morals and ethics, loyalty, respect and discretion at all times.
  20. Undertake to support and promote the Equine and Equestrian Industry.
  21. Respect the rights and dignity of all of individuals irrespective of race, culture, gender or disability.
  22. Undertake to support the commitment of CEEPSA to development and transformation.
  23. Undertake to observe the spirit as well as the letter of this Code of Conduct and Professional Ethics.
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