Category One: Stable Yard Skills

Professional Groom

Professional Head Groom

Professional Stable Yard Manager

Category Two: Equine Welfare

Equine Welfare Officer

Equine Dentist

Equine Physiotherapist 


Equine Veterinary Nurse 

Equine Veterinarian

Equine Complimentary Health Therapist


Category Four: Equine Breeding Industry

Stud Groom

Stud Head Groom

Apprentice Stud Yard Manager

Assistant Stud Yard Manager 

Stud Yard Manager 

Equine Breeder

Category Five: Saddlery and Equipment

Equine Loriner

Equine Saddle Fitter

Equine Saddler

Equine Tack and Equipment Retailer

Category Six: Agriculture

Equine Nutritionist

Equine Feed Merchant

Raw material producer

Category Seven: Racing

Racehorse trainer

Work Rider


Spelling Farm Manager

Category Eight: Tourism

Equestrian Tourism Assistant Guide

Equestrian Tourism Guide

Equestrian Tourism Lead Guide

Equestrian Tourism Manager

Category Nine: Security and Law Enforcement

Mounted Police Officer (SAPS)

Mounted Police Officer (METRO)

Armed Services Mounted Units

Private Mounted Security Services

Category Ten: Education and Training

Equestrian Riding Teacher/Coach/Instructor/Trainer/Riding Master 

Equine Educator

Equine/Equestrian Assessor

Equine/Equestrian Moderator

Equine/Equestrian Learning Facilitator/Venue

Category Eleven: Sport & Recreation

Equestrian Judge

Equestrian Technical Delegate

Equestrian Course Designer

Equestrian Steward

Professional Competitor

Event Commentator

Equestrian Venue Facilitator/Groundsman

Equestrian Sport Coach/Trainer

Equestrian Event Official

Category Twelve: Entertainment

Equine/Equestrian Performing Artist/s

Equine/Equestrian Journalist

Equine/Equestrian Photographer/Videographer

Equine/Equestrian Fine Artist

Category Thirteen: Miscellaneous

Horse Dealer

Equine Import/Export Broker 

Equine Transport Agent 

Livery Yard Owner


Equine Insurance Broker

Horse Box Manufacturer

Arena Surface Specialist

Event Equipment Manufacturer

Equine Auctioneer

Equine Researcher/Analyst

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