The 2015/16 year was one of achievement and growth, and saw us being able to establish ourselves within many sectors of the Industry.

Our focus was on education, which we achieved by becoming the Qualifications Development Partner with the Quality Council for Trades and Occupations via a Service Level Agreement to develop Equestrian Qualifications for the Industry. We are starting with the Equestrian Coach Levels where, along with the relevant sporting disciplines, will write the new qualifications focusing on Discipline Specialization as set out by each of the stakeholders. We have been engaging one on one with them.

In addition we will revisit the legacy qualifications in order to ensure that they are still relevant and up to date.

We have engaged with the SAVC and also the Complimentary Human and Equine practitioners to ensure that there is a place for those who up until now have found themselves isolated and unrecognized within a formal qualification system.

The membership has grown, specifically from the bottom up, and we will hopefully have increased our membership by 25% in the next financial year.

Our focus, in addition to developing/revising qualifications, will be the next phase of our own development and growth e.g. public awareness of CEEPSA and marketing of the Practitioners‘ who are offering their professional services within the industry.

We are delighted to report that we have succeeded with our skills development and empowerment goals with the success of our PDI grooms, many of whom have received in excess of 90% for their recent evaluations. Kudos must go to the Cape Breeders Association for supporting this initiative in partnership with Elsenburg and the Graham and Rhoda Beck Foundation.

In closing we would like to thank each and every one of our members for their support in endorsing our mission to cater to all in the industry with the animal which unites us.







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