CEEPSA: Celebrating the highest qualified equine stable yard managers in the Thoroughbred stud industry in South Africa

CEEPSA: Celebrating the highest qualified equine stable yard managers in the Thoroughbred stud industry in South Africa

The Council of Equine and Equestrian Professionals South Africa (CEEPSA) is celebrating Stoffel Mouton from Ceres in the Western Cape who is one of the highest qualified equine stable yard managers in the Thoroughbred stud industry in South Africa. He has recently successfully completed his Further Vocational Education and Training assessments at NQF Level 5.

At forty-five years old, Stoffel has had an affinity for horses and been working with them since he left school. “It has taken much hard work and dedication to get here, but I could not have been able to do it without the support of the rest of the equine industry,” shares Mouton. “I have learnt that there are many professionals who would gladly share their advice to help me develop in the sector, it’s a matter of asking. I am incredibly grateful to them all.”

Stoffel is encouraging youngsters who are interested to work with horses, to not give up their dreams, and to know that they will achieve great success with hard work.

Working with horses, especially on a stud farm comes with its challenges. The work is quite technical requiring years of education and professional training.

The Thoroughbred Breeders’ Association of South Africa (TBA)’s Chief Executive Officer, Catherine Hartley shares, “As an association we invest extensively into the education of the farmhands, and we are very proud of Stoffel’s achievement. We have also just sponsored seven horse grooms who completed their Stud Groom Level 1 training for EQASA external assessments at the Drakenstein Stud farm.”

The course includes subjects such as yard management, basic breeding behaviour, grooming and tack. The skills development courses are funded by the TBA and regional breeders’ clubs to enhance the education and training development for the staff working with the horses. CEEPSA is lauding the TBA for their dedication to education.

“This is our contribution towards the South African National Development plan 2030. Building the skills capacity of individuals wanting to work within the sector, will increase their chances of finding employment,” shares Diane Pieterse, Director of Education at CEEPSA. “New education and training systems must be able to support the notion of an adaptable workforce,” shares Pieterse.

There are over 60 exciting career opportunities available within the equine and equestrian industry. Having a formal training and qualifications system will unify the industry.

Everyone within the equine and equestrian industry is encouraged to have their knowledge and skills certified and to join CEEPSA as a recognised Equine or Equestrian Practitioner. “It is our aim to secure a country wide minimum international standard of certified horse care; driving and riding.”

“When someone joins CEEPSA, they are demonstrating to clients, employers, government and the public at large that they are serious about developing their professional skills according to the best standards and practice in the equine and equestrian field,” explains Pieterse.

CEEPSA seeks to provide people within the industry with services that they cannot find elsewhere. By joining CEEPSA, you become part of a community. As an equine or equestrian practitioner you will receive supporting group services from a large network of other professionals.

People who are qualified within the equine and equestrian industry are encouraged to join CEEPSA and to continue building a professional equine and equestrian community. For more information on CEEPSA visit www.ceepsa.org or admin@ceepsa.org or call 083 495 1929

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